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Respec your skills or attributes, rename or activate waypoints

What it does: it can de-allocate and give you back all your invested skill points and/or your attribute points so that you can correct mistakes or experiment other setups without the need to play a new character from scratch. It also allows you to rename your character and to activate waypoints.
What do I need to do: You just have to follow the link and upload your save file and you will receive back the respecced version of your character.
Will I lose my three skill points from the minigames ? No, you won't
PlugY stash sorter
fail-safe version

What it does: if you're using PlugY and you already have a lot of items, most likely you know how hard it is to keep everything ordered. This tool will do that job for you. It works both for your shared stash and your personal one. Lately it can also auto-upgrade all your gems and runes.
What do I need to do: you only have to follow the link and upload your stash file. All the hard work will be done automatically and you will receive back your stash, this time nicely sorted.
Character info

What for: you can post your character's stats when asking for help or get your skillplan without a hundred of clicks.
What info do I get? base attributes, base skill points, your skill plan (and also an already completed Tub's Online Skillpoint Planner link), your charms and equipped items.
Mass disenchant
fail-safe version

What it does: while playing/farming, you're finding a lot of junk uniques and sets that you take with you, this tool allows you to disenchant all your unwanted items at once. You can have the items to disenchant in your Horadric Cube or in your personal/shared PlugY stash.
How do I use it: follow this link and select what kind of items to disenchant, where from and what do you want (signets/shards). Then you only have to upload your character (if your items are in your Horadric Cube) or your PlugY shared or personal stash and all those items will be transformed into shards&crystals or signets and you'll receive your new file.
Mystic orbs wipe out tool

What it does:It will undo the modifications made by most of the Mystic Orbs, lowering the required level and their corresponding stats
How do I use it: Store the items you want to free of Mystic Orbs in your Horadric Cube, follow this link and upload your save file. You will receive the modified items in your cube.
View your PlugY stash content
fail-safe version

Why? to quickly locate your items or search as text for item names or properties

You didn't know or forgot about a level challenge ? No problem, you can use this tool to get your character to a lower level and complete that quest.
What it does: It will update your character's level, experience, life, mana, skill points and attribute points accordingly to the new (lower) desired level.
What do I have to do: follow the link, upload your character, specify the new level you want for your character and you will receive your modified save file.
Hardcore to softcore conversion

What for? You can train for a specific task with a softcore clone of your hardcore character or you can switch to sofcore if hardcore playing gets too hard.
But what if my HC character is already dead? You can still convert it to softcore and continue playing as softcore (at no cost).
Hardcore resurrection

Will this really bring my dead HC character back to life? Yes, it will, but still you shouldn't get too comfortable about dying as every death will cost you dearly.
So, how do I pay for resurrecting my character? You can choose to pay with 2.5% of your skill points or 4% of your attributes or you can pay with 10 levels.
Trade: upload items

What for? you can trade items with someone or just save some items for later use
What do I need to do? Store those items in your Horadric Cube and then upload your save file. Your items will be taken from your cube and saved on this server. You will receive a link that can be used at any time to download those items.
Trade: download items

What do I need to do? If you have a link to some items that were previously uploaded and you want to download them, empty your Horadric Cube, follow that link and upload your character. You will receive all those items in your Horadric Cube.
Get a new Horadric Cube

Lost your cube? just follow this link and upload your character to get a new one.

Note: you use these tools at your own risk.
Go to the Median XL forum and PM grig for any suggestions or if you have any valuable feedback.
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