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Mass Disenchant


Just in case, create a backup of your files first (copy your save folder to another location). Most likely your save folder is C:\Program Files\Diablo II\save


Make sure you did save&exit the game and you have the items to disenchant inside your Horadric Cube if you're sending your character (the .d2s file).

Step3: select your options

Note: only the types of items selected by the following options and that are located in your cube or in the range of pages specified below will be affected, everything else will remain unchanged.
Also, any item with socket fillers is ignored (unaffected).

General Options disenchant sets
disenchant tiered uniqes (weapons and armors only)
disenchant sacred uniqes (weapons and armors only)
disenchant misc items (these have no tier/sacred attribute, they all will be disenchanted if checked)

Number of signet of learning you want: (everything else will be transformed into shards and arcane crystals)

Stash-only options - ignore these options if you're uploading a character
Disenchant starting with page (leave -1 for no limitation):
Stop disenchanting after page (leave -1 for no limitation)


Click the Browse button from below and navigate to your save folder to locate your file:
  • send the .d2s file to disenchant the items from your horadric cube
  • send the .d2x file for your personal stash or upload _LOD_SharedStashSave.sss to disenchant the items from your shared stash


Click Send to send your file and to receive a new save file without those items. Replace the sent file with the one you'll receive.
Your items will be saved and you will receive all the info necessary to retrieve or trade your items.


Play the game and have fun. If it doesn't work, well... sorry, restore your previous save from the backup...
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