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Median XL Respec, Rename and Activate Waypoints Tool


Just in case, create a backup of your character first (copy your save folder to another location). Most likely your save folder is C:\Program Files\Diablo II\save


Click the Browse button from below and navigate to your save folder to locate your savefile (the .d2s file)

Step3: choose your options

check this box if you want to respec your skills
check this box if you want to respec your attributes
check this box if you want to activate all the waypoints (you'll still need to finish an act before accessing the next one)
you can specify a new name here if you want to rename your character (or leave it blank)


Click Send to send your file and to receive the updated version of your character. Replace the sent file with the one you'll receive.


Play the game and have fun. If it doesn't work, well... sorry, restore your previous save from the backup...
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