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Download items


Just in case, create a backup of your character first (copy your save folder to another location). Most likely your save folder is C:\Program Files\Diablo II\save


Make sure that your Horadric Cube is empty and you did save&exit the game. You'll receive the items inside your Horadric Cube.


Please insert the retrival ID below. You need to have a valid ID for the items you want to download.


Click the Browse button from below and navigate to your save folder to locate your savefile (the .d2s file)


Click Send to send your file and to receive a new save file containing the new items. You have to replace the sent file with the one you'll receive. You have only one chance to retrieve the file, the link and ID will be automatically deleted after you press on the Send button!


Play the game and have fun. If it doesn't work, well... I'm sorry, just restore your previous save from the backup...
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