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Sort My PlugY Stash


Just in case, create a backup of your save files first (copy your save folder to another location). Most likely your save folder is C:\Program Files\Diablo II\save


Click the Browse button from below and navigate to your save folder to locate your stash file (the .d2x file for your personal stash or send _LOD_SharedStashSave.sss to sort your shared stash)

Step3 (optional):

Pages to sort Specify from what page to start sorting (default: leave -1 for not using a start page)
Start at page:
Specify at what page you want to stop sorting (default: leave -1 for not using a maximum page)
Stop at page:

note that your sorted items migth require more pages than before, don't be surprised if you sort 10 pages and get 11 (the other items are automathically shifted to higher pages).

Items separation check this if you want to switch to a new page for every new item type.
check this box if you want to separate tiered items from sacred items
check this box if you want to separate ethereal items from normal ones

Upgrades check this box if you want to upgrade your gems
check this box if you want to upgrade your runes.
For each rune type reserve a min. of runes:

(0 means upgrade all, 5 means keep 5 and upgrade the rest. You can ignore this field if upgrade runes is unchecked)

Misc If you want to reserve some blank pages modify this value. Everything will be shifted to free this many pages (including already empty pages).
Blank pages:


Click Send to sort your items and to receive a new stash. Replace the sent file with the one you'll receive (it can take a few seconds until your file is ready).


Play the game and have fun. If it doesn't work, well... sorry, restore your previous save from the backup...
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