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View My PlugY Stash (experimental)


Click the Browse button from below and navigate to your save folder to locate your stash file (the .d2x file for your personal stash or send _LOD_SharedStashSave.sss to sort your shared stash)

Step2 (optional):

Specify the pages you want to view (default: leave -1 in both fields to show everything)
Start at page:
Stop at page:
check this to list only names and types
check this for text-only output
check this to generate the list of missing items (check-list) instead
ignore the following options unless check-list is selected
include missing sets (ignore unless check-list is selected)
include missing tiered uniques
include missing misc items

Number of columns (ignored for text-only or checklists)


Click View to view your items (be patient, this may take some time..).

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